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Forex Trading Method - TWO PERCENT DAILY - Exclusive

By Richard Swaby

I want to share my manual trading method with you as I know how hard it can be learning to trade the Forex successfully. I have been there myself. After years of trading with every manual and automated system I could find I finally began making 2% every day trading my own way. I started with a modest investment that has grown substantially by gaining 2% every trading day. I have compiled an e-book that explains exactly how I trade. Including entries, exits and money management. All the hard work has been done for you.

The "Two Percent Daily" method is very easy to follow. You will know exactly when to enter and when to exit. Manual methods are more reliable than automated Forex Robots. Forex Robots can perform well in over optimized backtests but inevitably fail on live accounts. They WILL lose your money. With this method you are in control of your money.

This is a long-term method that consistently makes profit now and will continue to in the future as it is not dependent on market conditions. This method adapts to any market situation - ranging or trending. You do not have to avoid news and can be done trading for the day in a couple of hours at the most.

Personally I am a very money conscious person and do not like losing. My method reflects this as it minimizes the potential for a loss as much as possible by immediately locking in profit whilst milking the trade until the very end with a tight trailing stop.

Advantages of using the "Two Percent Daily" method.

2% account increase every day.

Small investment required.

Finish trading in a few hours. More free time!

Trade during London/NY session.

Simple to understand.

Very little risk = 10 pip stop.

Works on any broker - ECN and non-ECN.

Work from home.

Be your own boss.

Lifetime support.

The method works on the GBPUSD m15 charts during the London and NY session. There are no discrepancies about when to enter. The entry criteria is the same every time and not dependent on a whole host of useless indicators lining up. This method does not rely on lagging indicators.


Seven Top Incredible Reasons Why Some Forex Traders Are Making Losses In The Forex Market

By Morufu Giwa

Online currency trading popularly known as online foreign exchange or forex has become one of the most lucrative internet business going by the number of people that are joining the business. Besides, the liquidity characteristics of the market make it more attractive to many new corners. As at early 2008, precisely January, the daily volume of forex being traded daily is more than $2 trillion This figure is so huge when compare with the daily stock trading of the New York stock exchange which is not more than $25billion dollar.

The potential for making it big in forex market is therefore, enormous following the liquidity of the market as mentioned above and the fact that few people know about forex market. These few traders all these while have been making large profit from the market. In recent time there is explosion in the number of forex traders joining the forex market. Because people awareness has been awaken and the cotton that cover their eyes has been pulled off. However, the risky nature of the forex market quickly begins to show its ugly head as soon as people are joining the money spinning market. So many traders discovered that no sooner than they joined the market that they lost all their investment and turned back. Some that have no lost every thing to the market are not making any headway. It's even pointed out in a report that about 95 percent of forex traders are loosing out from the market.

It is this negative development that propelled me to write this article to clearly show the top reasons majority forex traders are loosing out. The top seven reasons if well understood will provide a guide for concerned forex traders who have already fallen victim of these costly mistakes. Let us quickly look at the top seven reasons why forex traders are loosing out.

Reason #1: Lack of good training; some of the forex traders just attend one or two seminars which lasted for one or two days. And after these they only demo trade for two or more weeks before they go for real/ live trading. One funny thing with this set of people is that they want to start making thousands of dollars the day they start trading. They had forgotten the fact that it took them four to five years before they could graduate from tertiary college and master their field of interest. In short, lack of proper training both external induced training and self training often account for the reason while some people fail in forex trading.

Reason #2: Over ambition and greediness some traders are over ambitions and greedy. These sets of traders want to make million over night. Rather than using effective risk management principle by not trading with more than 2 to 3 percent of their money, these forex traders will want to make big profit from single trade. Hence, they over bloated their risk management and entered market with what they could not afford to lose and when trend go against them, they often find themselves in a debilitating state and finally loose out of the market

Reason #3: Lack of discipline to follow through the strategy the forex trader developed for himself. If there is anything that can quickly ruin any forex trader, it is lack of discipline. If forex traders lack the good culture and discipline of following the strategy they developed to make big pips such a trader will continue to run after shadow and in no long a period of time loose all his/her investment

Reason #4: Lack of good strategy and methodology to assist the traders to make entry and exit decisions. There is no gainsaying the fact that some traders still believe that forex market is similar to casino and therefore, they can always gamble to make money in forex market. Later than sooner they fumbled and somersault in the market. There is need for forex traders to develop effective strategy that will assist them to enter and make exit from the market. To this extent, the stop loss, trailing loss, take away profit point and pivot points should be built into the strategy all these will make a forex trader successful, Determining best time to trade as well as which currency to trade is often over looked by some traders and this affect their performance.

Reason #5: Over dependence on one or two indicators; another common mistakes that traders make is to depend too much on one or two indicators which may not be enough to predict varied market conditions. Some traders do this to their own detriment to the extent that they lose all their money. While it is good to use indicators so that one will be able to determine when to trade or not it is equally advisable that combination of both fundamental analysis and Technical factors be considered while trading.

Reason #6 : Bad money and Risk management practice: Most traders because of greediness often trade with more than 20% of the capital invested to trade what at times they called sure news. And when the news turns against them they are often left with nothing. A case in mind is a trader who had $1000 dollar in is forex trading account and decided to take $800 dollar to trade. The trade turned against him and he was margin called - visit the link below for better understanding.

Reason #7 : Bad brokers or platform; in selecting platform some factors must be considered one of which is the degree at which the forex broker execute instantly the trader's order, some platforms are so badly designed that all these factors may not be well treated. If a trader is using a slow response broker platform, it is possible that when a trader gives instruction to buy or sell a currency, the trade would have turn against the trader before such an order is executed. This type of situation is not uncommon if bad broker and not good broker with up - to- date and standard platform is chosen.

Having gone through the seven reasons why some traders fail and will still continues to fail, you are advised to take note of these reasons and quickly do self examination to see how best you can adjust and correct yourself. If you need to read more on forex topic so that you can master the points discussed above why not visit the link below. So that you can brush up your forex trading skills.


Forex Trading Tips - Margin Accounts Explained

By Chris Robertson

To get started with Forex trading, you must obtain a margin account. You'll sign up with either a Forex broker or a regular broker to open a margin account. A margin account in currency trading works similar to an equities margin account used in the regular stock market.

A Forex margin account requires a money deposit to get started. The amount deposited will be based on an agreement between you and the broker. When trading in 100,000 currency units or more, the percentage deposited in your margin account will usually be either one or two percent. In other words, if you (as a Forex trader) want to invest $100,000, having a one percent margin means you would need to deposit $1,000 into your margin account. The broker provides the remaining amount, and the $1,000 deposited by you is used to secure the account.

The broker doesn't charge interest on the borrowed margin amount unless you fail to close your position before the delivery date. If the amount has to be rolled over, interest may be charged depending on the short-term interest rates of the underlying currencies as well as your position (long or short).

Margin Calls

If you invest $1,000 in a margin account and your broker feels you are near losing the $1,000 because of a worsened position, the broker can initiate a margin call. A margin call means you will need to deposit more money into your margin account or close out your position to reduce risks for both you and your broker.

Daily Forex Trading

Forex trading can be worked daily, and profits and losses are tallied on a daily basis as well. When you open a margin account, you are actually making a commitment to trade that day and take positions. If you opt as a "speculator" trader only, you will not actually take delivery on your trading product. If you are a stock day trader, you will hold a position for only a few minutes up to a few hours and then close your position by the end of the session.

If you gain profits through Forex trading, the profits are placed into your margin account on the same day. When you lose, however, the losses are taken from your margin account that same day. All Forex trading accounts are settled on a daily basis.

Forex Margin Benefits

Whether you plan to participate in Forex trading with a local broker or Forex trading online, you'll soon realize how beneficial margin accounts can be. A Forex margin account gives you remarkable leverage by depositing just a small amount of your own money. It gives you the ability to earn more profits and keep your risk to a minimum. A margin account secures your ability to be a big spender in a very lucrative market. Margins can, however, tempt you to go over your invested amount and risk a big loss, so be careful.

With currency trading online, you can easily monitor your margin account around the clock. Always be responsible with your Forex decisions. Online Forex trading can also bring many temptations to overspend, so you'll want to enter the market slowly and learn all you can from the start. Check out online Forex trading resources today to get going with profitable currency investments.

In a Complex Market Such As Forex, it Pays to Have Good Software

By Colin Cox

3.2 trillion United States Dollars is a lot of money. It's difficult for an individual to contemplate the sheer magnitude of that amount of money. However, the global foreign exchange market boasts 3.2 trillion in daily turnover, which is more than the turnover boasted by all the various stock and bond markets throughout the world. With that amount of money changing hands on a daily basis, is it any wonder that serious profits are possible when an investor chooses to participate in this vibrant market?

Those familiar with the basics of foreign exchange trading ("forex" for short) are aware of its strengths, including available leverage, high liquidity, and low trading cost. It's a twenty four hour a day enterprise as well, which is another strong point in its favor.

Large concerns typically dominate the market, participating because of the fact that their imports and exports create certain currency exposures. Financial institutions are responsible for a hefty part of the turnover created in the market, along with big funds, mega-banks, and brokers. Hope is not lost for the "little guy" though, because anyone with a working knowledge of the market can also take advantage of the strengths of the foreign exchange market. Utilizing software like the FAP Turbo Robot, it's possible to trade and make significant profits.

Margin trading is an important thing to understand for those who wish to get involved with foreign exchange trading. The typical bank may require 1% margin deposit to execute a trade, so in mathematical terms, ten thousand US dollars would secure one million. That's one hundred times your margin deposit. The result? As little as a two percent change in the value of the trade results in two hundred percent profit or loss. Disciplined investors recognize the risk and reward scenario inherent in this; the potential for loss is evident, and the potential for profit is astounding. This is where using great software designed to capitalize on market movement comes into play. The software works with you to identify the peak opportunities for making money, and mitigates the risk inherent in this type of trading.

Foreign exchange trading involves trading two different currencies. Perhaps you buy U.S. dollars and sell Pounds Sterling; or perhaps you buy Japanese yen and sell U.S. dollar. There are many possible combinations. When doing these transactions, you take a position that is either "long" or "short"; essentially speculating on one currency strengthening against the other.

As is abundantly clear to those paying close attention, there is some degree of complexity involved in trading in these markets. As mentioned before, there are plenty of advantages that exist for those who seek to get involved in forex trading. There are definitely some drawbacks as well, including the level of risk that is possible, so it is always a good idea to arm yourself with the right tools. Doing sufficient research to understand the functions of the market is vital, and you really can't beat having the right kinds of tools and software on your side. The remarkable thing is that with FAP Turbo, you don't need to know a thing about trading on the Forex. Not a thing.


Conquering Your Psychological Problems For Successful Forex Trading

By Eugene YC

What we have talked about so far is the need to alter your mindset to match that of experienced traders. Let's have a look at the various psychological concepts that you need to understand and accept. The Forex market is crowded with traders who use the same news, market material, analytical forecasts and transaction procedures. But very few of them make any real money.

Most novices lose money because of the costly mistakes they make, either on their own or by blindly following what others are doing. These mistakes occur not because of any inherent problems with the trading process but because of the errant psychological traits they adopt.

1. One of the most popular Forex rules is "Follow the trends, they are your friends." The problem is that beginners do not understand what this statement really means and make mistakes as a consequence. For instance, a release of key fundamental data from a country may produce values so different from those predicted that they cause the relevant currency pair to spike sharply. Under these circumstances, experts would bide their time waiting for all the data to be digested by the market before taking action. This would safeguard them from any sudden reversals. Novices, on the other hand, have a tendency to leap in straight away as they fear they may miss out on a golden profit opportunity. They fail to realize that the real trend will appear sometime after the release and it could be active for hours, if not days, afterwards.

Similarly, beginners rush in if they observe a sharp movement on Forex charts before they completely understand the underlying cause. Should this eventually prove to be a false alarm, they would be in trouble because they would already be trading at a loss. Take your time to analyze each situation carefully and never be too eager to enter the market unprepared. Once you have digested all the relevant information, you can then action a trade, if you deem fit, with the knowledge that you have undertaken the best evaluation possible.

2. Greed has a mind-numbing effect on novice traders because they set themselves unrealistic profit targets. Instead of choosing a sensible objective of a 10 to 30% annual return, they aim to double or treble their initial startup value in a matter of months. This is suicidal unless you are a proven Forex expert. And even they would think twice because they know the bigger the return the bigger the risk.

In today's Forex market, most currency pairs fluctuate between 100-300 PIPs daily. As such, aiming to gain a target of 50-100 PIPs daily is, in fact, readily achievable. However, novices are not satisfied with this result because they regard it as too meager and so they push their luck for higher rewards. The increased and uncontrolled risks eventually lead to large losses. To overcome greediness, you must practice discipline and stick rigidly to realistic objectives. Should you be lucky and achieve your target early in the day, stop trading and take a break until the following day. Use the down time to study and learn more about Forex trading.

3. This next psychological concern is one that runs deep into the well of human emotions and is hard for all traders, especially novices, to combat without strong discipline. Basically, traders are extremely reluctant to admit when they have made mistakes and to act accordingly by cutting their losses.

Forex price fluctuations can produce bullish, bearish or flat trends. An important maxim is never trade against the trend. However, at some time or other, all traders find themselves in this position for one reason or another.

Under these conditions, experts would apply sound money management techniques by defining sensible stop loss positions and would exit the trade should the stop be reached. By doing so, they would only suffer an acceptable loss and would, more importantly, still be able to survive and fight another day with most of their margin intact.

Beginners, on the other hand, are very uncomfortable dealing with this problem because they lack a clear understanding of the principles of money management. Rather than accept the loss, they tend to keep moving their stop loss positions in the direction against the trend hoping the market will reverse and they will be able to recoup their losses. They do not appreciate that no person can predict the end of a trend - only market forces, whose movement cannot be guaranteed, can determine that.

As such, they eventually incur huge losses that seriously reduce their account balances and place their entire trading survival at risk. Even worse, they repeat this mistake continually unless they are able to take corrective action by altering their mindset.

Another common mistake novices often make is to hedge in an attempt to recover from the original loss. Hedging is a situation where a trader has both, buy and sell positions active simultaneously with the same currency pair. This can work and limit losses if done by an expert. When done by beginners, all it does is camouflage the losses until they are too large to be hidden any more. By then it is often too late to recover.

The best way to counter this danger is by having sound money management practices in place. Basically money management will show you that it is better to accept a small loss of 20 to 30 PIPs rather than gamble on the market recovering and losing 200 to 300 PIPs when it does not.

4. After traders have experienced a few unsuccessful consecutive trades that have produced huge losses, most suffer a dramatic drop in confidence. And then they feel that nothing they do seems to work. In fact, under these conditions you can quite easily become paranoid and develop a fear that the Forex market is haunting you personally and trying to destroy you.

What happens then is that when a new trade becomes profitable, you tend to close it prematurely in fear of a possible rebound. Beginners are unable to follow the Forex maxim 'Cut losses early and let profits run.' To overcome this problem, you must take your time building up your confidence and developing a positive mindset. You will, without question, take a significant number of months to complete this plan properly by demo and live trading and by using very small margins, but this is much better than wildly gambling without knowing what you are doing.

At the end of your training, you will have learnt how to make changes to your trading system in small increments of risk. You will have also developed a trading methodology with both a positive win: loss ratio and expectancy value. You will be well-versed in money management strategies. Without these steps to develop a scientific and business-like mindset, the Forex market will, almost certainly, chew you up and spit you out.

5. New traders have a serious problem in that they tend to overtrade. They do not understand the significance of leveraging and as a result they take unrealistic risks by trading far too much of their available margin. As a rule of thumb, never trade more than 10% of your margin, start off with just two percent.

So in conclusion, Forex is a very complicated business and trading is certainly not easy. If this were not the case, then every trader would be a millionaire, whereas in reality, 95% lose most, if not all, of their full account balances very quickly.

The Forex market is just too complex to be taken lightly as it involves many powerful factors and forces that can produce sudden dramatic effects on the daily fluctuations of currency pairs. Unfortunately, neither technical nor fundamental analysis can forecast the Forex market with consistent accuracy.


Online Forex Trading - How to Get Started

By Walt Litchfield

Online Forex trading is a highly profitable activity that professional and beginning traders can take part in. Trading foreign currency is easier than ever. The ability to trade online offers 24 hour trading, low trading costs, high liquidity and more available leverage. There is even software available to help traders of all skill levels, whether you are starting out or at the point where you want to put your trading on auto-pilot.

Online Forex trading is not limited to individuals. Commercial organizations, particularly those involved in import and export, need currency exposure. The largest traders are of course the financial institutions, banks and brokers.

What is so appealing about forex trading online is that any investor can take part 24 hours a day!

How Does Forex Trading Work?

You trade foreign exchange on a margin. Simply put, it is required that you only place a small deposit and in turn you will be able to control a larger position in the Forex market.

For example, if you want to trade one million dollars, you will only be required a security deposit of ten thousand dollar. The ten thousand will need to be geared up 100 times to result in the million dollars trade. It is possible to start trading Forex Online with as little as one hundred dollars.

You will need to be ready for a roller coaster ride though! There will be one of two results there is a two percent change in the underlying value of your trade. You will be in for a 200% profit, or you will lose 200% of your trade! Yes, there is risk in foreign exchange, but there is great reward available as well.

Why Should You Get Involved In Online Forex Trading?

Despite the risk, thousands involve themselves in Forex trading daily. This is, in great part, due to the favorable conditions to trade in.

Leveraging - You can hold a position up to one hundred times that of your margin deposit. This gives you maximum power to profit from a small investment.

Availability - online Forex trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can engage in the buying and selling of foreign currency anytime, anywhere. This gives you more opportunity to make more from your investment. There are trading companies available to help you in your forex adventure. There is software available to take you from the first stages of a new trader all the way through advanced. You can even get to the point where your trading is on auto-pilot.

Superior Liquidity - Finding buyers and sellers to trade with will never be a problem as there are many individuals, companies, and institutions that engage in Forex. The liquidity of Forex acts as a stabilizer in prices and helps to narrow down spreads.

No Commissions - Online Forex trading requires no commissions. The profits are yours and yours alone.

Online Forex trading will place you in an ever moving, exciting market. The markets are numerous, and the opportunities are practically endless. If you have ever thought of becoming involved in foreign exchange, now is the time!


Analyzing the Forex Market

By Garth Simpson
Expert Author Garth Simpson

Analysing the forex market before you trade is critical to your success. In fact I would employ Sun Tzu Art of War strategy. Sun Tzu said that if you know yourself but noting about trading you will indeed struggle at trading; if you neither know yourself nor anything about trading, you will fail at trading. But if you know both yourself and the market then you will be successful at trading. He further stated that planning is a great matter to a trader; it is the ground of death and of life; it is the way of survival and of destruction and must be examined. Therefore analysing the market before you trade is of paramount importance.

Once you turn on your chart you first look at the market's fundamentals, this is the economic reports coming out of major economies, such as the US, Great Britain and Japan. The economic data that have a heavy impact on the market are the quarterly and yearly reports except Non-farm Payroll, which is a monthly report coming out of the United States. When traders look at an economic calendar they are look for strong economic indicators, such as the consumer price index (CPI), which speaks to inflation, Interest rates, Gross Domestics Product (GDP), Durable Goods Orders, New Home Sales, Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) and Non-farm Payroll.

Others things that traders pay attention to are political events, wars and central bank's intervention. We will go into more details in a future chapter. Once that is completed we turn to the market and look at the technical levels in the market and also whether the market is trending are ranging which speaks to market liquidity.

That is how we gather information then we formulae a trading strategy by look at four charts, mainly the daily, four hours, the one hour and the fifteen minutes. This is done to determine market direction, because we enter trades using a small timeframe, trading in the direction of the larger time frame. I use the one hour time frame to execute my trades by placing the Fibonacci on the most current trend and once a Fibonacci retracement level is reached, which should be close to where I can place my stop within my equity manager rule, then I execute. Always using "one cancels the other" strategy (OCO), this is important because I am a swing trader. I don't sit and watch the market, if I lose on a trade find by me. My mantra is that I plan my trade and trade my plan.

Managing risk and trading rules

Money management in forex is as important as the blood running through your arteries. Over trading your margin account is playing Russian roulette and it speaks to greed. To every fifty thousand dollars I have in my margin account I risk one standard lot, which work out to be two percent of my margin account. My leverage is from a low of 1:50 to a high of 1:100 the most. Novice trader I would recommend 1:50 leverage, and a minimum start up capital of ten thousand dollars.

Emotion intelligence in trading

Control of your emotions when trading represents eighty percent of your overall success at forex. If you are an emotionally intelligent trader your chances of success is almost guaranteed. It does not make sense learning something that requires discipline and rules that know you won't obey. Trading forex is a financial game and you have to first love the game of playing the forex market to master it. And don't focus on the money per say, in fact money is the reward for being good at the game.


Forex Trading - How It Compares With the Stock Market

By Peter Nacey

There are many reasons why Forex Trading appeals to more people than the stock market. One of the main reasons is the fact that Forex offers a much greater return.

With foreign currency exchange fluctuations happening daily from as little as just one or two percent any investor who has planned his entrance and exit strategy properly and gets his timing right, can receive significant rewards.

Many people also like the fact that more leverage is available with a foreign exchange.
For example: you could leverage the purchase of $100,000 with $10,000 through margins that could give a great return at only 1% and with less risk.

With Forex trading the market is open 24 hours a day compared to conventional business hours held by the stock market. Forex trading is also done without having to pay extortionate amounts of money in commission. This can of course mean great savings.

Because Forex trading is open 24/7 and because of its massive size, any trader is able to work 24 hours a day moving around from the difference markets, i.e. Asian, European and American. Add to this the Forex leverage opportunities available then the chance of huge profits are great.

There is a misconception about the size of the Forex market. Many people don't realise that it is so huge that no single investor has a chance of cornering the market.

Unfortunately many people fail to understand Forex to its fullest and this is only through a lack of education. Because of this lack of education, traders who have previously experienced the stock market, seem to believe that Forex is risky and has low profit margins, some would say extremely small. However it does take more than just watching CNN.

As a Forex trader, people must educate themselves through newsletters etc. If people were to join a Forex trading site and make use of the on-line training programs available, of which the majority are free, then they would start to learn about the advantages of Forex against trading on the stock market.

As far as the stock market goes, it does have its advantages in that a person can invest in the stock market without any prior knowledge and possibly do very well. There are some stocks that are unlikely to devalue like blue chip stocks. For long term savings stocks can be fine, however, for short term gains you need to be definitely looking at Forex.

Forex is maybe considered by some people to be risky, mainly pension funds who rarely invest in Forex. However, for the smart ones that have taken the opportunity of educating themselves, they will find, without doubt, that Forex is the easy way to go.

Take the billionaire George Soros as a prime example. He shorted the British pound and made $2 billion in profit at one point. He also makes over 60% returns on the Quantum fund which he owns and has over $4 billion under management. There have been times of course, when Soros has lost money, however he simply says "I make a lot of money when I'm right and loose as little money as possible when I'm wrong".

Soros's philosophy is to scrutinize a country's stock market to see if current trends are right or wrong. If he believes that a trend is overshot then he simply goes the opposite way and makes a killing.

Soros is a prime example of how good money can be made in Forex if investors are willing to study, learn, invest and of course take a risk. Whilst however it is not for the timid, if you're a daring Entrepreneur then it's the perfect place for you to try your hand as Forex offers the chances of a good return.


Forex Buy and Sell Indicator Made For You

By Bill Gatton

A forex buy and sell indicator is the signal which the market sends which indicate the appropriate time to either buy or sell a currency. Current software makes possible automated trading which acts upon the emergence of these signals. The highest functioning programs contain a robot capable of submitting orders without human intervention. The best case scenario has the trader simply ascertaining the amount of profits which accrued during the trading session.

Forex autopilots come with several major benefits. Firstly, they help analyze data and key upon the applicable buy or sell indicator. Tracking and comprehending the forex market often proves to be complicated and time consuming. Automated trading software is able to effectuate the isolation of indicators which signal the time to sell or buy a given position. An automated forex robot has the ability to trade without human assistance. The robot ruthlessly trades absent of the counterproductive influence of human emotions which in many instances translate to performance inhibitors.

Fear is the human foible which in many scenarios prohibits initiating a position at the appropriate time. When one of the currencies on your watch list drops to where the indicator says buy, it is the weakness of myriad forex traders to become paralyzed by fear . Being inhibited by fear disallows for the exploitation of many forex trades. An automated forex robot is not constricted by the trepidations felt by flesh and blood traders.

The converse evil of greed has the proclivity of preventing forex traders from taking profits at the time the indicators signal to sell. When a particular position performs nicely and the underlying currency appreciates it can be hard to cut the cord and sell it. Ascertaining the right exit time is as important as making the right decision when it comes to buy. Automated forex trading software imparts discipline surrounding both the sale and purchase of a given position.

A forex trading robot entails advantages with relate to both money and lifestyle. Participants in the forex markets traditionally were had to be glued to their monitors for interminable periods of time. Automated forex packages have the ability to trade without requiring your physical presence.

Robots predicate their decisions upon based buy and sell indicators thus efficiently executing your predetermined strategy. This facilitates greater amounts of time with your family or enjoying other pursuits. The international composition of the forex markets translates to a long daily schedule during which your trading robot can generate profits.

Forex robots are helpful towards both identifying trading signals as well as helping to ensure you adhere to previously established risk management parameters. Many expert traders advise that no single trade should expose to to more than loss of two percent of your aggregate portfolio's equity. Without automated guidance and control, many forex players get overly optimistic upon a successful trade, and in many instances end up piling on increasing exposure way beyond previously allocated limits.

Automated software can both identify and execute upon a forex buy and sell indicator. A forex robot can assist in imparting discipline in terms of your risk tolerances. The arena of money management many times isn't given its due. This is especially prevalent among novice traders. Even the most effective of trading strategies can be lethal to your portfolio if you have no funds left with which to trade. Forex software helps prevent this scenario from happening. Check out the multiplicity of benefits an automated robot can provide you before a foray into the forex markets.



3 Things You Must Master to Achieve Success in Forex Trading

By Natasha Silverman
Expert Author Natasha Silverman

Anyone who wishes to become successful in trading Forex must learn and understand the basics of the market. There have been a lot of traders who lost a lot of money in Forex trading because they did not properly educate themselves. In order to trade profitably without burning much of your capital, it is vital to have the right Forex trading education.

Trading Forex can let you have an endless stream of profit which can far exceed your living expenses plus it also offers the freedom of mobility. And because of that, many investors are attracted to trade the most liquid market in the world. However, most traders are challenged by the market. Only those who truly know how to predict the market's movement get to have the profitable trades.

So with that in the open, it is very much helpful for traders to study how to trade the Forex market instead of going blind. Listed below are some of the things a Forex trader needs to learn in order to trade profitably and in the process, achieve success in trading.

1. Forex basics

From chart types, candlesticks, moving averages, indicators, chart patterns and time frames; all these a beginner must know. The trader must also be familiar with reading Forex quotes, which currencies can be traded, the types of trading and all things related to the Forex trading system. It is also advisable to read up to date blogs on the happenings in the Forex market.

2. Proper money management

Trading Forex is a business of making money so for a trader to make more cash he needs to learn how to manage it effectively. Money management strategy is important to control exposure to risk. Every trader is advised never to risk more than 2% of their account on any singular currency pair. Two percent capital at risk is a recommended industry standard for maximum risk in a trade. But that number is based on your win to loss ratio with your risk to reward ratio. Setting up money management rules prepares a trader every time a losing streak strikes. When that arrives, the trader will still have enough capital to trade with.

3. Dealing with emotions

One of the biggest challenges a Forex trader faces on a daily basis is the tendency to make trading decisions based on emotions. Emotion is often associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation. However, when it comes to trading Forex, being emotional gets in the way of trading successfully. Making decisions to enter or exit a trade should have nothing to do with fear or greed. If you are emotional, fear will grip your mind and it'll influence you to make wrong trading decisions. Emotions will cloud your decision and this will not lead to profitable trades. This is why learning how to emotionally detach yourself when trading is so important if you seriously consider to make a living out of trading.

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