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Elly Mazlein selamat bersalin anak kedua, pilih nama Haider Mateen - “Sekejap sangat... syukur Allah permudahkan” | Nak bela baka British Shorthair? Ketahui 6 fakta mengenainya! - 24 Oktober 2021

Terlalu subur... Kak KM nak ‘tutup kilang’ lepas bersalin anak keempat - “Saya harap boleh ajar dia buat bisnes” | Tak dengar nasihat jiran, pemuda ini tetap sewa rumah tinggal... Diganggu nenek tua, haiwan peliharaan mati - 23 Oktober 2021

Redesigning the property landscape | Energy price spike is bad news for emerging Asian economies: Report

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SAT, OCT 23, 2021

Redesigning the property landscape

The pandemic, with its multi-faceted impact, has also transformed the way people live, work, and play, and consequently, the design of spaces. As well, it has accelerated a blurring of lines between real estate asset classes. 

Energy price spike is bad news for emerging Asian economies: Report

THE latest energy price spike will have a broadly negative impact on emerging Asian economies, although inflation risks generally remain contained, analysts from BNP Paribas said in a report on Thursday (Oct 21).

Asian economies feel the chill without coal comfort

THE world just got its first big scare as it transits to clean energy. Gas prices have skyrocketed just as major economies are cranking back up from the Covid doldrum.

BT Money Hacks: Make money while doing good with ESG investing (Ep 105)

IN this 105th episode of Money Hacks, brought to you by UOBAM, correspondent Howie Lim speaks to Koh Hwee Joo, Senior Director, Sustainability Office at UOB Asset Management, about how doing good doesn't mean sacrificing returns with ESG investing.


Redesigning the property landscape

An upcoming commercial and residential development at Jalan Anak Bukit by Far East Organization and sister company Sino Group is expected to act as a catalyst to rejuvenate the Beauty World precinct, injecting a much-needed dose of vibrancy. 

Resurrecting Halloween

Discreet treatment for sex health issues

Home truths

06:21 AM Oil hovers below recent highs; ends week up
06:41 AM Europe: Evergrande relief, earnings prop up stocks
06:14 AM US: Dow ends at record, capping strong week for stocks
11:48 PM 14 Singaporeans die from Covid-19 complications; 3,637 new infections
10:11 PM Corporate Digest
10:17 PM Myanmar rejects Asean decision to exclude junta leader from summit
10:04 PM Snap's record rout leads US$100b social-media stock selloff
10:11 PM Evergrande plans to shift main business to new energy vehicles
09:26 PM US: S&P 500, Nasdaq opens lower after Intel's margin warning
09:16 PM Sembmarine updates vaccination records of 53% of its workers in Westlite dorm as verification continues
09:23 PM New global rules leave just 10 big EU banks short of capital, draft shows
09:19 PM India's top gas importer sees LNG price surge spurring long-term contracts
09:32 PM Pfizer says Covid vaccine 91% effective in kids ages 5 to 11
08:53 PM Metro Group invests in slew of sectors to ensure resilience
08:36 PM CICT's Q3 net property income more than doubles to S$242.6m; room for retail recovery

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